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Call Center, I would like to share some basic knowledge about call center. It may helpful to you in understanding workflow of  the call center.    


Spelling discrepancy: A call centre or call center ?


What is Call Center: Call Center is a place where/from calls are made or received by any customer service organization for the customer service.


Area or working: Call Center works for Customer Service, Tele Marketing, Lead Generation, Awareness Campaign, Directory assistant and many more.


Qualification for a Call Center: Graduation, 12th Pass, 10th Pass with Good Communication, also need to be fluent with at the languages ( Local state language, Hindi, English ).


Category of Call Center: Domestic and International call center, Outsource and in-house Call Center, Inbound   and outbound call center, Web base call center.


Position in Call Center: Calling Agent, Customer care executive, Team Leader, Mentor, Project manager and up.


Technology Used in Call Center:  Computer and computer network, Internet, ACD (Automatic call distribution), CRM (Customer relationship management), IVR (Interactive voice response), Predictive dialer, Third party verification, and more according to the category and type of call center.


Area of Criticisms :   Non-Expert Operators, language or accent problem, Hold time, Communication gaps between two department, High stress, poor working conditions, Vision or hearing problem for agents.


Earning with Call Center: Salary may start from Rs.2500 to Rs.15000 in domestic call center and for an international Call Center CSE may get Rs.7000 t0 30000. Salary may differ from city to city and according to the category or type of call center. CSE can also make good money by commission or incentive.


Reporting in Call Center: Daily Reporting or a MIS is very important part in every Call Center. Most of Call Center will have separate department or a person working for it. Daily reports may conation reports like Login Report, Call report, ACD Reports, Sales Report, Self Elevation report, Quality report and many more.


Training in Call Center: Product Training, Soft skill Training,  Software Training, Communication Training, Accent Training, Sales Training, Telephonic speech Training and many more according to the category and type of call center.

I am sure above information will be useful to understand the basic theory of Call Center, Call center is a huge concept and many idea and technology is behind it. You can also visit other pages which will help you to get information like JOBS available with Call Centers List of High Ranked Call centers of India and many more.  

I invite and request all of you to share your knowledge about Call center Process by adding comment at the end of the page. 

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